The BOM has put a lot of effort into attracting customers/consumers and ensuring they are rewarded for their efforts by offering invaluable, constructive feedback to you, the business owner.


To not only show your appreciation to the customer but to attract new leads to your business, we encourage you to donate to the

‘Wheel of Fortune’.

How Does it Work?

  • When anyone joins the BOM as a new member, they are issued with a lottery number, all numbers go into a draw and one number is drawn by an automated system on the last day of every month. The winning member is then permitted to SPIN & WIN. There is a lot of exposure around the WOF and we encourage small business to think about a donation and enjoy the exposure
  • At present we have 12 blades of prizes and 3 wild cards, should the wheel stop on a wild card, the member is permitted to pick the prize
  • The WOF has a state by state selection that must be chosen prior to spinning, so if you have locations in one state only, don’t worry, your gift will only appear in that state
  • At present, prizes have a 2-month block for donation
  • If your donation is the chosen prize by member, we will notify you and the member will then be in contact with you to redeem prize.
  • The terms & conditions of your gift are entirely up to you, but we do remind you that our selection team are looking for WIN WIN donations – a win for you the business owner and a win for the customer!
  • We will do all graphic designs required for your exposure on ‘wheel of fortune’ page and your own display ad
  • The wheel of fortune is not only used for new member lottery but we can issue a SPIN & WIN voucher to any member who is proactive on the BOM

Types of Businesses We Are Looking For

National Chains

Multiple stores
within one state

Online businesses
offering vouchers

Requirements to Be On the WOF

  • You must be a Business Class Member
  • You must either be a national chain or have multiple stores within one state
  • Online businesses with a product or service to sell are perfect
  • If you require a validity on your gift, please keep it reasonable

Benefits of Donating a Prize to Our Wheel of Fortune

  • The blade on the actual wheel of fortune will show your own logo
  • Your logo again exposed in the ‘showcase of gifts’
  • The BOM is always attracting members to the Wheel of Fortune, it is not only for the lottery but we randomly give away “SPIN & WIN” vouchers
  • Your details are promoted in our 'Congratulations' email to the member who spins the wheel
  • You will be exposed randomly in our newsletter

How do I donate?

Just complete the form and one of the BOM squad will be in touch shortly