Why the BOM for customers?

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the BOM thought about customers when we built the BOM and decided it was time to reward you for your time and effort in sharing your feedback to businesses and to other shoppers.

When we developed the reward system, we looked at loyalty systems around Australia and although some ask you to spend $100,000 to get enough points to buy a toaster, that is not our system. In fact, we made it very lucrative & all you need is 2000 points to get your first $20 gift voucher - find that anywhere else!

  • It’s a lot of fun being a member on the BOM.
  • We have carefully planned the business model to have equal focus on both aspects – Customers / Business owners.
  • When you submit feedback on the BOM, it is not to harm a small business owner but to improve the services to make it better for you and for others, so when writing a review, keep it constructive, not harmful.
  • We reward you for reviews with a generous point system, the points will accrue quickly & you will receive a gift of your choice.
  • You can add to the BOM’s directory of products or businesses and again, we reward you with more points.
  • Referring a friend, can see you race up the leaderboard towards the trip for 2 to FIJI at the end of the year!
  • As a customer/shopper, the BOM is a veritable gold mine for gift vouchers and random prizes, everything you do is rewarded.
  • Be proactive on the BOM, and you may receive a random SPIN & WIN token to our wheel of fortune, every spin is a win,no losers!
  • As we grow, we will be offering more and more to the shoppers from the business owners as well, as the genuine feedback you will be sharing is invaluable for their growth.