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Our business is excited to see a new review site that is focused upon positive reviews and constructive criticism when required.

Too many review websites allow negative comments Sometimes it can only take one abusive review to not only affect a businesses sales but also the confidence of the owner!

The BOM is a website that will work tremendously well for both Businesses and Consumers as the connection between the two in a positive light is what small business is all about.

Jason Knott Director & Corporate Adviser Knott Group
Chartered Accountants

We have assisted the BOM in its launch of this exciting new site and software platform that really helps to support and balance online reviews on the services and or products offered by small to medium business.

For far too long the current system has allowed negative or even fake reviews or the 1-star review to be posted on a business which may be unfair or not genuine and which may not reflect the efforts of the small business owner.

These reviews can have a significant and lasting impact on a business which can be from a one-off customer experience or one posted by a competitor, for example.

The BOM connects the customer to the business owner and allows them to resolve issues privately prior to any review being published on the internet.

The BOM is a powerful tool for small business to help ensure there is integrity in reviews that are posted and helps potential customers of the business by ensuring the reviews posted are genuine.

Robert Toth Senior Partner Marsh Maher
Richmond Bennison Solicitors

OMG, I am stoked about the BOM, I have been sharing my opinion on different sites for years and I have never received rewards for doing it. Now I really enjoy getting on the BOM writing my reviews with different experiences and I am seeing my points rise and I will get my first gift voucher next week :)

Thanks for taking care of the customers

P. Jennings - Redfern NSW

My friend told me about this site, and I love it. It feels like a happy place to be and I do like the way they want you to be constructive with comments, my brother owns a café in Cairns and he received a few bad reviews on other sites, he tried so hard to remove them but couldn’t, so we appreciate what the bom is doing here.

I am a big fan.

Wes - Brisbane QLD

I was referred to the bom by a work friend, as she knows i do alot of reviews. If i counted how many i have done on other platforms i could cash them in on the bom for hundreds of dollars in shopping vouchers.

Great idea guys to reward people for solid feedback. I am enjoying your site, congratulations and i am referring plenty of others to get more points. I want that trip to Fiji

Merinda Philips

this idea is so needed, not just for the gifts to customers but the way you handle reviews. i write alot of foodie stuff but i know that other sites dont really care what you say and as i am a business owner as well as a reviewer, i get the policies.

Thanks for doing this, it is very much needed in Australia i also want to know if i can write foodie stuff for your blog, someone can get back to me pls. i write really good articles.

Yanni C


  • 1 to 6 stars is our rating system. 1 being a very unhappy customer & 6 being a very happy customer.
  • We don't permit defamatory comments that are damaging in anyway to your business, all feedback must be constructive
  • We work hard to protect you from fake and fraudulent reviews
  • Unlike other review sites, your reviews remain private until you have a chance to discuss the issue with your customer, once resolved, we publish live on the site (there is a 72 hour window)

NB: Moderation service is only available with our Business Class Listing. Standard Listing will receive an alert when a review comes in, you will need to upgrade to view prior to publishing.


  • Embrace feedback like never before without any fear
  • Lots of reviews being cached on search engines
  • Even if they are not all 5 & 6 stars, they are honest & clean
  • We have millions of Australian businesses, so big search engines love us
  • Having a presence with us, shows customers you want their feedback
  • Ride the wave of our own super aggressive SEO just by having a presence


We kept it simple, there are 2 options
1. Standard Listing (FREE) a visual presence on the BOM with limited features and restricted service options.
2. Business Class ($1.90/week) A sophisticated listing including a lot of features that acts as your website within the BOM. It also includes specific SEO for your webpage within our site. Full moderation services for reviews and so much more.


  • Customers are rewarded by us to submit feedback to you
  • We have a point system that equates to gift vouchers
  • All new members receive a lottery ticket, winners SPIN & WIN
  • Our leaderboard is fun and offers a trip for 2 to Fiji at end of year
  • Random tokens issued to members who are busy on the BOM for a SPIN & WIN
  • Lucrative referral system

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Types of businesses we work with

Deli (Retailer)

Dentists (Health Professionals)

Plumber (Trades & Services)

Florists (Retailers)

Courier (Travel & Transport)

Doctor (Health Professionals)

Hairdressers (Hair & Beauty)

Restaurants (Food & Beverage)

Solicitors (Professional services)

Gyms (Sports & Recreation)

Dog Grooming (Pets)

Child Care (Domestic Services)

Wedding Planners (Events & Organisations)