@ the BOM, we are all about feedback, it has almost become a fundamental to share your shopping/ service experience with others online BUT there is a way of doing this that will not damage or disrupt small business but instead, will assist them make the shopping experience better for you and others. See it as a community service that small business owners really appreciate

BUSINESS REVIEWS - Our Star Ratings 1 to 6

We work with a 6 star rating system with businesses, typical BOM, we like to do it differently & believe that the ones that go that extra step, deserve recognition with a 6 star rating. We do encourage customers when submitting a low rating, please keep in mind any business verified on the BOM, has embraced your feedback, its important to them, so keep it constructive and skip the nasty stuff.

Here is an example of a review that will not be approved on the BOM:

“We ate at blah blah last night and not only was the food crap, the staff were agro and obviously miserable. Hated this place and we would never go back and you shouldn’t go there either”.

How to say this differently and meet our guidelines:

“We tried a new restaurant last night called blah blah, it was disappointing, as the food wasn’t up to standard, staff didn’t want to be there. This owner needs to know what’s going on to hopefully make some improvements”

PRODUCT REVIEWS - Our Star Ratings 1 to 5

When reviewing a product on the BOM, we use the universal star rating of 1 to 5 stars and no comments are needed. The star rating says it all.