The BOM strives to be the most trusted and transparent place for consumers to express their experiences with Australian businesses and for Aussie business owners to embrace their feedback. We follow these simple principles and guidelines to ensure the most authentic, transparent, and valuable information is available to all.

  • We encourage constructive feedback over negative and defamatory comments. Please don't misunderstand this rule - You can be very unhappy but just convey it in a way that offers help to the business owner, rather than berate them. Here is an example of saying it one way & another way - Example A (not acceptable) "I went looking for a new car last Saturday and the sleaze bag sales guy was disgusting, not only was he sleazy but i told him what I could afford and the moron was showing me cars $10k more! Dont go near this place, they are total rip offs!!" Example B (acceptable) "I went looking for new cars last Saturday and the sales guy was not professional, he made me very uncomfortable. I also was very clear about my spend but he wasn't listening and showed me cars way out of my range. I want the owner to know about my experience and hopefully make some changes"
  • We apply the same standard of review for all content (whether it’s a consumer or a business responding)
  • We require email verification from a permanent, active email address or a valid social networking account for each user submitting content
  • New businesses are required to enter their ABN number and we are linked to the ABN register, if there are any discrepancies, we will investigate further to ensure you are the legitimate owner of the business
  • We moderate every piece of content through a two-step moderation process. The first gate of review is technological. We apply proprietary technology that analyses multiple attributes of the content, also ensuring compliance has been met. If the content does not pass technological review, you will see a pop up informing you of the issue and to change the review. Second gate is 100% of reviews are then again moderated by the BOM squad team
  • We use proprietary technology filters & algorithms to detect attempted abuse, if abuse is detected, your IP will be immediately blocked by our system.
  • We stay neutral in all cases of dispute; we don’t take sides and will only intervene if requested by both parties
  • We believe in the principle of anonymity and free speech — everyone has a right to voice his or her opinion and be heard without fear of retribution, censorship or other unwanted attention.
  • If you are a business class member, you receive all moderation services, Standard Listings do not receive alerts for reviews.
  • Once we receive a customer review for a business, firstly it must be pre-approved by us, then we will alert the business owner. The business must be claimed and verified, if your business hasn’t been claimed, we will contact you and it is up to you. If you proceed with Business Class, you are then able to view the alert prior to publishing
  • It is a 72-hour window to respond to a review prior to publishing. If you do not contact us during this time, the review will be published
  • We highly recommend all business owners to respond to their customers feedback, whether it is a 1 star or a 6-star BOM – please let the customer know you appreciate their time
  • Just as a customer review is moderated, so are business owners’ responses, so please keep it constructive
  • If you are in discussions with your customer over a 1 star unhappy review and you proceed to rectify this issue with your customer, the customer has an opportunity prior to publishing to amend the rating and comment, if they choose not to, then we will publish the original review.
  • If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a review, please request the customer to upload proof of purchase, which is all done via the dashboard in privacy.
  • Product reviews are only star ratings 1 to 5 without comments. Please keep in mind our accreditation system, the more 6 stars you get, the more likely you are to become a Super BOM member and receive a lot of publicity on our site to promote your business.
  • Incentivised reviews: This is a very serious matter and is controlled in Australia by the ACCC – click here to read more. If you are offering an incentive to receive reviews on the BOM, please send us an email with the details, so that we can take the appropriate action and offer full disclosure to the consumers who visit our site
    Although rare, as our proprietary software is highly sophisticated, in the event we do ask you to provide proof of your Service / Experience with the business you wish to review, this is the procedure;
    If we require you to verify your purchase, we will request proof of purchase, we therefore request that you do retain receipts for a period of 12 months.
  • Your review should be truthful and constitute your own personal opinion and experience with your shopping/service experience
  • Once you submit a review it is pre approved by a moderator, then the business owner will receive an alert to view via our dashboard. The Business Owner can then choose to liaise via dashboard with you to better understand the issue and offer a possible solution. If Business owner does not respond within 72 hours, the review is published anyway. Under no circumstances will we withhold your review BUT it is your choice after having discussions with the business owner whether you wish to amend your star rating and comment, if not, we will publish as is. This decision is entirely up to you.
  • We appreciate current reviews, at least within last 12 months, if you pop a review into the BOM from 4 years ago, there is a very good chance that the business has changed their ways by now, so keep it fresh and current
  • We encourage you as a consumer to think of a few perspectives if you are rating a business a minimal 1 star review - and include both a pro and a con to provide a balanced review. While not required, we do believe balanced reviews make for a better community experience. For example – “We dined at ABC restaurant on Friday night, although the food was great, the service was very slow”
  • We do not allow reviews that include negative comments or any form of defamation
  • We do not accept reviews that reveal any confidential information or expose an individual’s full name, Christian names are permitted.
  • To safeguard privacy, we do not allow you to identify yourself or include any contact information (about yourself or others) in your posts. You have your profile as a member of the BOM and this can protect your true identity if you choose. We only use your Username publicly and your state, we do not reveal your individual name, email, phone number or address
  • You may be required to reveal your details via dashboard to a business owner who is trying to verify you are a customer, this notification process is personal and will not then be transferred publicly when review published
  • Should you receive an alert from a moderator to say your review is not within our guidelines, please just rewrite it and submit again, We are not here to discourage anyone from sharing their honest experiences, all we ask is that you refrain from nasty stuff.
  • If your review is flagged as “inappropriate”, a full investigation will be carried out and if a breach of our compliance is found, the appropriate action will be taken, this may include reporting to the ACCC and a possible infringement notice and/or a ban from this site.
  • DO NOT set up multiple accounts with alias emails, our software will detect this, and you may be banned from being a BOM member
  • DO NOT attempt to ask family/friends to submit fake reviews on behalf of your business, again our software is very sophisticated, and this will only lead to possible banning from our site and if serious enough, we do have an obligation to report you to the ACCC
  • DO NOT threaten any form of violence/abuse to any business listed on this site, not only is this a breach of consumer law but a matter that will be reported to the police for further investigation
  • DO NOT include any email addresses, phone numbers, weblinks or full names in a review
  • Incentivised reviews: If you have been offered an incentive by a Company to write a review, you should include information about this in your review.
    Incentives include the Company offering you a gift, reward, discount or advantage for writing a review about the Company on our Website.
  • The BOM is a platform to unite consumers with business owners, therefore if we believe the intent of a review is deceptive for self-promotion, we will reject it
  • All reviews should be original – no substantial quoted material from other sources, including (but not limited to) websites, e-mail correspondence, other reviews, etc
  • Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but we need to be able to understand it. We have a spell check system installed to assist you
  • We reject reviews with excessive capitalization or filler words/characters. And remember.
  • As there is a strong 2 step process in place on the BOM, if you reach our human team, it is highly unlikely your review will be rejected but we have the right to do so if it shows any conflict with our compliance
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for a review to be processed, this can vary during very busy times, especially Mondays when we are inundated with reviews from the weekend and Christmas time

Adding a product for the benefit of reviewing on the BOM is encouraged but please adhere to the guidelines to avoid having your products rejected

  • Products are added for the intent of doing a review and although we do have thousands of products listed, there are millions more we need, so we welcome your addition
  • When adding a new product in your dashboard you will be prompted to complete the fields, these are mandatory, and it is important that you adhere to the (?) information pop ups
  • We do not accept
    - Screenshots as images
    - Videos in product set up
    - Multiple products in colours
    - Multiple products in sizes
    - Multiple products in models
  • We do accept
    - One product in a particular size or colour
    - Images that meet the criteria in (?) information pop up
    - Please add a model number or SKU
    -Please include a link to supplier site
    - Put a regular price not a special discounted price

All new products are submitted for approval prior to being published, so please take care when adding a new product to avoid rejection

  • If you are adding a new business with the intent on reviewing, it will firstly need to be verified by the actual business owner and we have an extensive process to ensure this business is legitimate.
  • If we do discover that the owner of the business is setting it up to review it under an alias, the business will be rejected, and the member banned from the BOM website.
  • Rather than go down this track, follow our advice and trust us when we say, just by being on the BOM with integrity, will see your business flourish.
  • You can easily set yourself up as a new business on the BOM by joining as a member & either claiming an existing business or adding a new one. Once you join (select Business Owner in signup), click VERIFY link in email and it will take you to a dashboard where you can claim your business via ABN or ADD NEW
  • The BOM follows ACCC law and will not upload a business logo, this is your responsibility as the business owner.
  • The LOGO cannot be a screenshot and must be a genuine file as per (?) pop up dashboard set up.
  • If you wish to learn more about our policies, please click here for Terms & Conditions or Privacy policy.

"We may showcase any part of a review or response from a business owner for publication or broadcast in marketing material."