Customer FAQ’S

Its super simple - just go to top of any web page and click on SIGN UP, complete all fields, it will then send you a 6 digit code to verify, that's it!
100 BONUS points straight into your account & a lottery number to SPIN & WIN in next draw
Everything!! – We offer you a treasure trove of rewards, all we ask in return is that you leave constructive feedback for businesses (not nasty stuff) and you can add content to the BOM, add products, add businesses, once they are verified, we keep adding points to your account!
We are more than happy for you to share you experience and we get that sometimes you feel emotional if it hasn't been a good experience but we ask that you keep your cool and just submit a clear and concise review, so it gets pre approved, we will then alert the business owner and you can both liaise via the dashboard in private. The business owners on the BOM want to hear from you, we are all human and by you sharing constructive feedback, businesses can grow and you are rewarded by us for this effort.
During resolution period, the process is in private on your dashboard, once resolved, you hav option to amend star rating or not, then once approved by admin, the conversion is published live on the business page.
Excellent, you can enjoy the benefits of being a business on Australia’s most popular review portal but also enjoy the review rewards and other features available to a customer
You have the ability in your dashboard to add new products and receive 40 points for each product you add after it has been approved by admin
The SPIN & WIN is a lottery system, once you join as a member, you automatically go into the draw that month to have a spin of the wheel. Winner is drawn on the 1st of the month. We also issue random SPIN & WIN vouchers to pro active members on the BOM to say thank you
No, the points are an aggregate and always remain the same, in your dashboard you can see how many points you have in total and how many to spend
We like to leave 4-5 business days, but we try to get to you as fast as we can
Most definitely, you will see provision to refer business colleagues – once they verify their listing that you set up for them – points automatically go to your account
Its too easy, stay very active on the BOM, climb the leader board, add products, refer friends and business colleagues, share us on your Facebook page and send us the post – you will be in the running for the FIJI trip
All new members for a month have a chance to win the lottery and receive a token to SPIN & WIN BUT we also issue tokens randomly to pro active members of the BOM, so you just need to stay busy, its that simple!
Yes, you can list the business (Except their logo), we will contact the business in question, once it is verified by the owner, you will receive points in your account and an email notification to let you know that the business can now be reviewed
Any age is accepted, as long as the review is constructive and legible
Every single email is moderated by a team member and manually approved/rejected by us
We will send you a notification via email to let you know whether your review is approved or rejected
The BOM is all about being constructive & not nasty – if your review does not meet our guidelines, then it will be rejected. See our guidelines here