Where do we start....... so much we can do for your business but lets start with major priorities Online Reputation Management, we protect you from savage and malicious reviews, we protect you from fake & fraudulent reviews from competitors etc. SEO is a big one with the BOM, we have a digital masterpiece for you to showcase your business and search engines love us, we have over 2M pages on this platform, so it is likely you will appear very fast (in weeks) with a business class listing on page 1. There are plenty more reasons to be on the BOM, you will discover them on our website
the BOM is unique in alot of ways but for a start - we do not publish reviews without alerting you, you login to your dashboard and view the review, if you are lucky and it is a good review, you may just want to say "thank you", if it is a not so good review, you begin a conversation with your customer to try to resolve the issue, when you are finished - the review is then published on the site.
We offer you extensive SEO services for your premium listing for less than $2/week - but we deliver, we will have you on page 1 of major search engines in no time. The BOM cares about your business!! Also if you need to speak to someone, we are actually here behind the scenes to help you
Our site has been under construction for over 1 year and when we began, we had our SEO infrastructure in mind in the beginning, so it is now a digital masterpiece and cutting edge technology. We tested a group of businesses from different industries with our systems and within 4-6 weeks, most are now on Page 1 prime and centre when a customer searches their business name and reviews -which is where you want to be!
Google is a humungous automated system that doesn’t have feelings!! We care about small business at the BOM & work to protect you. Google also permits anyone on the planet to claim your business without any verification to prove ownership, making you very vulnerable
Google offers nothing to a consumer to encourage good feedback, we have extensive rewards in place. If you get a very damaging 1star review, try to reach google and get it removed
We keep it simple - you have two options
1. Standard listing - this is just a presence on the BOM but offers no moderation services or digital marketing
2. Business Class, this is an insane deal and only for a limited time. 92% off our normal price - which is $99/month but for now you can secure it for one year for $99 - yes you are reading this right - $99 for one year (less than $2/week)
We don’t, we stand alone, we are a very different model – whereby we moderate 100% of business reviews and DO NOT publish a review without notifying the owner of the business prior. We are not just an online directory, we are a complete digital marketing platform for small businesses & a treasure trove of rewards for our customers
The BOM is insane when it comes to customer benefits – there are rewards for absolutely everything a customer does on the BOM and people love giveaways
WOF is a way of exposing your business to Australian consumers and the advertising is free, all we ask is for a donation from you – i.e. free overnight accommodation in a BB / Free dinner at a new restaurant / Free entry to a show / theme park etc Once customers get a taste of what your business offers, they become a paying customer, so it will return to you tenfold.
We give every new business listing with a shopfront – a box of free review cards, if you wish to receive more, there is a small cost, as we are a business as well and although being generous in giving you the first box free, we can’t continue to give them away.
If you are a people business, you will also receive the window or van sticker to promote your business on the BOM even when you are closed or parked
Yes absolutely, every business that is claimed and verified on the BOM has all of the consumer privileges
Too easy, as a verified listing on the BOM, you receive the BOM badge, which is some code that your web developer or ours imbeds into home page of your site – this shows the customers that land on your site, that you embrace feedback and appreciate their opinions, they just click from your site to your page on the BOM and leave your review. Also if you request a box of review cards, we will post it out to you pronto, you can hand these to your customers to request a review
Business Class is the premium listing on the BOM, for a very limited time it is only $2/week - $99 for one year - it offers you a beautiful website within our site, heaps of benefits and full SEO services.
We have the universal star rating and that says it all, as we avoid bad comments on the BOM, we feel it better just to rate it – rather than go on a tyrant
We get it, we are business people too, so we set up a Valet Service, just for Business Class Members, its as cheap as chips and includes all high res images and we install your BOM badge code as well - see valet service inclusions here.
Ok, firstly the review must meet our technological approval, then it is sent to a moderator, if it meets human approval, you will receive an alert, you have 72 hours to log in to your dashboard and view the review. If it is a 5 or 6 star from a happy customer, you can thank them for their time. If it is an unhappy customer, you can start a conversation with your customer via the dashboard, all responses are sent also via email. At the end of 72 hours, we need to close off this review and the customer will be given the option to amend the original review rating, we then publish this final review and your final comment
The review will be published after 72 hours and there is no option then to respond to the customer
Unfortunately we dont provide moderation services to free listings, if a review comes in, you will receive an alert via email to alert you & see if you wish to upgrade - the rest is up to you