Where do we start……… we help you with Online Reputation Management, A Classic listing on the BOM with your own webpage, free review cards, complimentary SEO for your BOM webpage, we drive the customers hard to the BOM, so you need to ensure they see you when they arrive and we offer extensive assistance with digital marketing services
In every way we differ – we don’t publish reviews from customers without you having opportunity to respond first, this prevents damage to your brand.
We dont permit nasty & derogatory comments, all reviews must be constructive
Google is a humungous automated system that doesn’t have feelings!! We care about small business at the BOM & work to protect you. Google also permits anyone on the planet to claim your business without any verification to prove ownership, making you very vulnerable. Google offers nothing to a consumer to encourage good feedback, we have extensive rewards in place
Up to you really, you can begin with a Classic Business Listing within the BOM but where do you want your business to go in 2019? Once you establish this, we have many ways to help you grow
We have amazing website samples for you to choose from on our "knock out" website page, state of the art designs for super affordable prices.
In saying that, do you need a website? The BOM offers Business Class members a website within the BOM, feel free to contact the BOM squad for more info or just go to the listings page here
We don’t, we stand alone, we are a very different model – whereby we moderate 100% of business reviews and DO NOT publish a review without notifying the owner of the business prior.
We are not just an online directory, we are a complete digital marketing platform for small businesses & a treasure trove of rewards for our customers
The BOM is insane when it comes to customer benefits – there are rewards for absolutely everything a customer does on the BOM and people love giveaways
WOF is a way of exposing your business to Australian consumers and the advertising is free, all we ask is for a donation from you – i.e. free overnight accommodation in a BB/ Free dinner at a new restaurant / Free entry to a show/theme park etc Once customers get a taste of what your business offers, they become a paying customer, so it will return to you tenfold.
We give every new business listing with a shopfront – a box of free review cards, if you wish to receive more, there is a small cost, as we are a business as well and although being generous in giving you the first box free, we can’t continue to give them away.
If you are a people business, you will also receive the window or van sticker to promote your business on the BOM even when you are closed or parked
The BOM is all over a start-up, as we can assist right from the get-go and ensure you take off properly & quickly, please visit our start up page to read more
Yes, we can do a full audit of your website if you are a verified listing on the BOM
Yes absolutely, although you have a trial listing on the BOM, you are still a consumer, so once you join, you are entitled to everything a customer is entitled to
Too easy, as a verified Classic listing on the BOM, you receive the BOM badge, which is some code that your web developer or ours imbeds into home page of your site – this shows the customers that land on your site, that you embrace feedback and appreciate their opinions, they just click from your site to your page on the BOM and leave your review
We offer many different ways of exposing your business on the BOM, it all depends on how hard you want to grow and how fast – please visit our business solutions section to find out more and always remember the BOM squad is always here to help via live chat – if you cant find the answer within the site, ask us directly
We have the universal star rating and that says it all, as we avoid bad comments on the BOM, we feel it better just to rate it – rather than go on a tyrant
Yes, you can and as the home page exposure is monthly, it is very affordable
We are working in partnership with Australia Post on this and we envisage it to launch early 2020 but space is filling fast, so please register your interest with us
Yes, every single person you deal with should be giving you their information and happy to receive specials etc from you. If you don’t have a database, talk to us about accessing ours and they are customers who have requested to receive specials.
You do get what you pay for in life – if the video is homemade, it will no doubt, show it is home made & first impressions are everything. Our videos are so affordable, and you can start off with a 30 second video
Yes, we offer an in-house design service to our own business members, it is very affordable, just send a support ticket to the BOM squad

If you have any other questions not listed above, please either raise a support ticket for the BOM squad or feel free to utilize our live chat service