The BOM is all about small business in Australia


About Us

The BOM’s Story

The founder and team of the BOM are all veteran small business owners in Australia and at some stage, all have been the victims of negative reviews. We have all experienced the then, frustration/desperation of trying to rectify the review, whether it be with Google or a privately-owned review portal within Australia, which all proved to be impossible. In fact, our research showed us that certain review portals in Australia were adamant about promoting damaging/negative reviews over positive and kicked small business owners to the kerb!! This gave us the determination and hi octane fuel to build something different. We trust Small Australian Business Owners hear where we are coming from and see the potential in numbers, it’s not just about protection from online abuse, it’s about affordable growth and if we join forces, the BOM will make it happen! While we are gathering our numbers, we are keeping it simple but look out in 2020 for what’s coming, we are going to offer you incredible opportunities to take your business to a new and very exciting level. Please join us and let’s do this as a united force.


The BOM is here to make a difference. We offer you a safe place to park your business. We open up the lines of communication between you and your customers. In the past, this may have been a bit daunting to expose yourself to customer reviews but not anymore. Your customers are the key to your success and if they are not happy, you need to know. What we do is screen all reviews. When they meet pre-approval, you are notified and you then have the chance to respond to the customer in a private window. Your customer may change his/her mind about their experience after your discussions or not, it is their choice. Quite often, the situation is just a misunderstanding. Once it is resolved, the review is then published for the world to see.

Our Pledge to Small Business

We are determined to build something special and with your help, we can achieve it. We know you earn trust & don’t demand it, so all we ask is that you secure a business class listing while you can and then you can be the judge. We set you up with a very elaborate profile on the BOM a lot of really cool options to promote your brand and products. It includes the full moderation services and our SEO team working in the back ground on your particular listing on the BOM, we are proving to you that we know our stuff, it is a 12 month offer for the one's that get a chance to jump on board now. Have a think about what you spend now on SEO, website maintenance, social media marketing, video marketing and is it working? On the BOM, we do it all for you and keep you safe at the same time. It’s a Win Win