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Our local business directory has approx. 2.1M Australian businesses, every category you can think of is in our local business directory and if you can’t find the business you are looking for from the directory, just put the exact name into search field. Our 4 most popular categories are based on statistics Trades/Hair & Beauty/Accommodation/Food & Beverage, trades being any work done around the home or in your business, accommodation for all travel needs, hair and beauty covers all aspects for personal needs and food and beverage is not just dining but a huge range of specialty gourmet stores

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What Is The BOM Online Business Directory?

The BOM offers many different benefits to both business owners and consumers. For businesses, the BOM offers immense value for online reputation management, which matters more now than ever! Business Reviews will help you rank very high on major search engines.

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Apart from uniting you with your customers to encourage honest and constructive feedback, our platform is giving you a huge presence with our business class listing, it includes SEO on your page and social media marketing. Ensure your business is part of this new online business directory to receive all of the benefits.

A constructive platform for your reviews
  • No damaging reviews allowed
  • Fraud prevention in place
  • You will see all reviews prior to publishing
  • We will protect your online reputation
  • A detailed business web page
  • Complimentary SEO
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Consumers can take advantage of our generous loyalty system and isn’t it about time you were rewarded for submitting your feedback to small businesses? You take time out to share your experience not only for the benefit of the business owner but other consumers who get the inside scoop. Review businesses & products & earn shopping $$$

  • Free membership
  • 100 BONUS POINTS for joining
  • Points for referring friends
  • Lottery ticket to SPIN & WIN
  • Win a trip for 2 to Fiji

For your contribution, we offer you a lucrative point system and a big range of popular gift vouchers to enjoy. We also issue random Spin & win tokens to our wheel of fortune. EVERYTHING you do on the BOM = REWARDS

All You Need to Build a Stellar Reputation!

Fly in Style With
Business Class
High End SEO
Services for Under $2/Week
Relax We’ve Got Your Back
We Protect You
Get Review Alerts
Prior to Publishing
No More Damaging Reviews
No More Fake Reviews

Steps to Become Part of The BOM Business Directory

1. Register as a Business User

Super easy just click SIGN UP, select Business, complete the fields and submit. You will receive a verification link via email, just click the link and you will be diverted back to a dashboard where you will see to the top far right CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS this allows you to search our business directory

2. Claim Your Listing

Just add your business name into the search bar to search our business directory and your ABN, this is linked directly to the ABN look up register and will send admin a report on its findings, a moderator will check the details and be in touch

3. Approved - Set Up Your Business

You will receive an approval email with a link back to the dashboard and you can select standard or business class, you will then be directed to our secure gateway for payment and once complete, you are ready to set up your website within the BOM

Each Customer Review Has a Personal Story

What We Can Do For Small Businessess

Online reviews these days are in abundance, business reviews in particular will heavily sway a new customers decision and sometimes those reviews can be very unfair, especially when the business owner may not be aware of a particular staff member or issues within his/her own organisation.

  • We Alert you to all customer reviews
  • You have a 72 hour window to respond
  • You communicate in private with your customer to resolve the issue
  • If its a fake review, you will know
  • Show your customer you care, take that extra step
  • No one can claim your business, except you, we've got your back!

Why Shoppers Love the BOM

Customers who join the BOM, do so with the intention of helping small businesses grow and are generously rewarded by us.

  • Everything you do on the BOM earns points, reviewing a product, reviewing a business, adding a product, referring friends – all = points
  • Points = gift vouchers and unlike big bank loyalty systems, you only need 2000 points to redeem
  • Proactive customers on the BOM, will be issued at random a token to Spin & Win our wheel of fortune
  • Climb our leaderboard and win a trip for 2 to Fiji, return flights and a week’s accommodation

Latest Reviews

Business Review
Agent 99

Personal training Personal Service

John is an exceptional person. I have always been uncomfortable in gyms but at focus on physique i love to go there. John just makes it so easy and works with you and your confidence. You will get results here and value for money

Focus On Physique Personal Training
phone 03 9457 2665
Focus On Physique Personal Training
Business Review
Lady Bug

Abundance of fresh produce

This is a huge supermarket full of goodness! They have huge range of fresh produce. Everything you are looking for in the organic world you will find here

Apples and Sage Organic Wholefoods
phone 03 9836 8457
Apples and Sage Organic Wholefoods
Product Review

Let’s Unite to Make Australia a Better Place

The Bom is a customer review platform available to everyone.Tell your story to help others to make good purchasing decisions and assist small Aussie businesses to grow

Voted some of the best on the BOM

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South Eastern (South Sydney JRL)
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Apples and Sage Organic Wholefoods
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